Lighthorse Websites

Australian Lighthorse
A non-profit organisation, whose aim is to preserve the history and tradition of the Australian Lighthorse and its predecessors

NSW Lighthorse
Website of the Royal New South Wales Lancers Barracks and Museum

Victorian Lighthorse
Victoria sent eight contingents of mounted infantry to the Boer War. Such units later were transformed into the Australian Light Horse regiments of WW1

Heritage Horses
Heritage bred Australian Stock Horses that have documented Australian bloodlines back to horses of the Waler era circa 1870 – 1945


Equipment Websites

Elegant Costume Design
Source of accurate reproduction WW1 nurses uniforms and other period clothing

Lawrence Ordnance
Lawrance Ordnance is one of Australia’s premier dealers in ex-military firearms, uniforms, knives, swords, bayonets, badges and equipment


Museum Websites

Australian War Memorial
The Australian War Memorial contains one of the largest collections of militaria and wartime displays

Lighthorse and Field Artillary Museum
Located in Nar Nar Goon, Victoria, this museum is full of restored horse-drawn transport vehicles used in WW1

Australian Army MuseumTasmania
The Military Museum of Tasmania is situated within Anglesea Barracks, which is recognized as one of Australia’s most significant historical military precincts 


Collector Groups

MILCOLT: SSAA Militaria Collectors Tasmania inc.
A growing band of military enthusiasts and collectors of militaria, books, uniforms , medals and documents interested in Tasmanian military history from 1803 to the current day

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