Introducing Our Horses

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Introducing Our Horses


Jabez thinks showbusiness is the ideal life, after all:

All the world’s a stage,  And all the men and women merely players.

15hh Chestnut Arab born 23 August 2003


This is Breezy, he is a Sagittarius who likes knitting and flower arranging.

15.3hh Buckskin Arab/ Thoroughbred/ Percheron/ Quarterhorse born 14 November 2006


If you want to know who’s really running the show, just talk to Magnus! sometimes he’s the only one of us who actually knows what’s going on.

15.2hh Bay Thoroughbred from a station mare


It’s hard to ruffle this chap. Noddy is always cool, calm and collected… well, at least cool and calm.

15.2hh Bay Standard Breed

Hayley Jane

If the “Old Grey Mare just ain’t what she used to be,” It might be because Hayley’s done this routine so many times she can do it with her eyes closed.

15.2hh Flea-Bitten-Grey Thoroughbred born 1994


Calibre is a perfect gentleman… until he suspects you may be hiding licorice in your pockets at which point he will unceremoniously nose about your person until he finds it… all of it!

15.2hh Burnt Buckskin Arab/ Thoroughbred/ Percheron/ Quarterhorse born 13 September 2012


Chaska is an ex-racehorse with a tendency to rear, she couldn’t make a carrer on the racecourse and didn’t fancy being made into lion-chow, so she enlisted. Her raw power and speed are impressive to see.

15.2hh Bay Thoroughbred born 2004


In this rare picture, Gaza does not have his tongue hanging out the left side of his mouth! He enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and his best friends are the honeybees.



If there is a conspiracy theory doing the rounds, it was probably started by Pablo. He’s that kind of guy.

16.2hh Black Standard Breed


A young horse not long off the racecourse, Rocky is one of the new boys on the block. he enjoys fresh greens and likes simple adjectives, such as good and bad and fast.

Bay Thoroughbred


Khan is the new kid on the block. He loves cocktails in the afternoon and is always the centre of attention… whenever he can find out where it is.

14hh Quarterhorse, Palamino

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