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Please use the contact form below if you wish to make any inquiries or bookings. Below is some information on the more frequently asked questions.

If you want a display at your event then please specify the date, venue and type of display (i.e. skill-at-arms, parade, presentation, static display). Please remember that if you wish to have a skill-at-arms display, you will need to provide open flat space of ground at least 100 meters in length.

We welcome people who are interested in history and Australia’s military history. Whether mounted, on foot or as part of the FOALs group, there is always something to be involved in. It is not necessary to be able to ride to join the troop.

If you have information about a relative or someone you know who was in C Squadron then we would love to hear from you. Information will be included in our Nominal Role.

We endeavour to answer all relevant questions about C Squadron, however please be aware that the troop does not hold any official records and may not be able to provide the information you are after. All information about particular troopers in WW1 can be found on our Nominal Role page.

The troop is run by volunteers and costs are covered out of each members own funds. However donations allow the troop to acquire uniforms that equip new members and to purchase other equipment which supports our static and skill-at-arms display.

If you have taken any good photos at any of our events we would love to receive a copy. Small numbers of photos can be attached and emailed to If you have a large number of images then please use the contact form below and we will provide you with a postal address for sending a CD or USB.


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